Hitachi 456 L Frost Free French Door Refrigerator-R-WB480PND2 GBK


With a contemporary style and elegant design, this Hitachi 456 L Frost Free refrigerator will enhance the beauty of your kitchen while keeping your food fresh. This essential kitchen appliance features a Smart-Open Vege Compartment, Jumbo Door Pockets, and a Double-deck Freezer Compartment to ensure that can store edibles conveniently and easily.

Product Description
With a plethora of innovative technologies and a spacious storage space, this Hitachi refrigerator will keep your veggies, desserts and curries fresh for longer.
Jumbo Door Pockets

Perfect for a large, thirsty family, the big and wide compartments on both the doors of this fridge can easily hold several 2 L bottles.

Smart-Open Vege Compartment

This smart compartment features a sturdy glass frame. It can be used to store a variety of fruits and vegetables in it. You can easily pull out the drawer-like compartment to put in or take out the food items. The cover of this compartment is specially designed to prevent loss of moisture and maintain the optimum humidity level to keep your fruits and veggies fresh and crunchy for a long duration.

Double-deck Freezer Compartment

Featuring a double-deck construction, the freezer lets you keep a variety of food items neatly organized. This feature will make sure that when you want ice cream at midnight you don’t have to navigate through an obstacle course of other food items to get it.

Selectable Mode Compartment

This special compartment features a lever that lets you adjust the temperature inside it by switching between the vegetable and the dairy/meat modes. You can turn on the vegetable mode to preserve the freshness of easily damaged soft fruits and vegetables for a long duration. When you switch to the dairy/meat mode, it will keep meat, fish, dairy products and fruit juices fresh for longer.

LED Light

Thanks to the bright LED light located inside the fridge, you can now easily find the food items that you indulge in the most, even at night. This energy-efficient LED light not only consumes less power, but it also lasts for longer than conventional lamps.

Toughened Glass Shelves

Each toughened glass shelf of this Hitachi refrigerator can hold loads of up to 100 kg, making it perfect for storing big vegetables, fruits and heavy food-laden pots. These shelves are also scratch-proof and heat-resistant. Also, they are specially designed to prevent spills.

Movable Twist Tray

The special twist ice tray can be moved around the fridge according to your convenience, leading to an efficient space management.

Touchscreen Controller

Featuring a flat touchscreen controller on the door, this fridge lets you manage different settings and operations at just the touch of a finger. Afraid of leaving smudges on the glass panel? You need not be as you can use a cloth to easily wipe the tempered glass surface clean.

Inverter X Dual Fan Cooling Technology

This innovative feature takes advantage of a microcomputer control and an eco thermo sensor to provide an efficient cooling performance without consuming a lot of energy. The compact and powerful inverter compressor generates a large volume of chilled air to evenly cool down all the levels of the refrigerator. Not only that, it also adjusts the cooling speed according to the amount of food stored inside it.

Mold-proof Door Gasket

The doors of this refrigerator feature mold-proof gaskets that are easy to remove and clean. As a result, they prevent the growth of harmful mold.

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