BOSCH 655 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator (Glass Black, KAN92LB35I)


If you have a family of more than six members or you love to host house parties and get-togethers frequently, then bring home this elegant and efficient Bosch 655 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator to ensure that you never run out of fresh food items and chilled beverages. This impressive home appliance features a VitaFresh Plus technology to maintain the flavor, texture, and look of fresh fruits and vegetables, a BigBox for large food items, and a MultiAirflow System for even cooling inside the refrigerator.

Product Description
If you share a home with your large family and often enjoy hosting dinner parties and get-togethers for your loved ones, you’ll be all too familiar with the need for a convenient way to store leftover food. Bosch brings you this spacious side-by-side refrigerator to help you with your need for extra storage space for your food and drinks. This frost-free refrigerator has a large capacity and boasts the MultiAirflow feature which ensures uniform cooling.
VitaFresh Plus

This finely tuned system, the flavors, nutrients, and moisture of food items in this fridge are maintained double times longer than conventional fridges. VitaFresh Plus maintains the original flavor, texture, and appearance of fruits and vegetables so you are assured of fresh-tasting salads and smoothies every day.

Spacious Interiors

This side-by-side double-door refrigerator has a 655 L capacity. Want more freezer space to store frozen food? The drawers and shelves in this fridge can be easily removed from the freezer compartment to make for more storage space. You can adjust the height of the SafetyGlass shelves in are adjustable.


Bosch’s BigBox is ideal for storing large food items like pizzas, tall containers of food, or even an entire lamb leg.


The SuperCooling feature reduces this side-by-side fridge’s temperature at the press of a button so you don’t have to wait for your food or drinks to get cold.

MultiAirflow System

This feature improves the circulation of air in this fridge, regulates its temperature, and eliminates possibilities of condensation. The MultiAirflow system ensures an even temperature in all shelves so your food stays fresh and edible regardless of where in the fridge they are stored.

Ice Twister

Your favorite cold drinks are just a button away, with this fridge’s Ice Twister. This in-door ice and water dispenser gives you ice cubes, chilled water, and crushed ice in 24 hours with just one button push.

Electronic Temperature Control

The electronic temperature control regulates the temperature inside the fridge and freezer, thereby, ensuring that the selected temperature is accurately maintained.


This firdge’s SafetyGlass shelf is stable and conveniently hold containers of food with ease. This shelf offers you a hygienic place to store food, and is easy to clean.

LED Lighting

The LED lighting in Bosch refrigerators guarantee an even and glare-free interior illumination. LED lights use lesser electricity than conventional fridge lights.


The high-quality stainless steel surface of this side-by-side fridge’s doors are finished off with a special Anti-fingerprint coating so your fridge isn’t covered with mucky fingerprints.

NoFrost Technology

NoFrost technology protects your food from ice crystal formation so you don’t have to manually defrost the fridge.

Convenient Settings

This refrigerator has separate temperature controls for the cooling and freezing sections.


VitaFresh, which is Bosch’s innovative technology retains the freshness of foods for a long time so there’s less spoilage and wastage.

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